Fit My Car

Please use the “Fit My Car Search” to find Roof Rack, Tray or Platform Products that suit your vehicle

“Fit My Car” will display all ROOF RACKS, ROOF TRAYS and ROOF PLATFORMS we have available for your vehicle.

If you would like further information on a specific Roof Racks, Trays or Platforms please CONTACT our expert staff.

Our “Fit My Car Search” does not detail older vehicles which ended production before 2010 or are uncommon within Australia.

CONTACT one of our expert staff if you are looking for products that aren’t shown on our database.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the correct series of your vehicle has been selected. “Fit Kit’s” and “Bar Length’s” differ vehicle to vehicle. Filling out the fields incorrectly will result in incompatible products being displayed. Please refer to your OWNERS MANUAL or IDENTICAR website if unsure of your vehicles details.